Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I'm glad we have a loveseat

A little more than a year ago we bit the bullet and purchased some nice couches. It's always hard to put the money out for things like that, but in the end we find that we're happier with quality purchases that will last a long time. Bean is really good about finding financing with 0% interest for a length of time within which we can pay off the entire purchase before interest begins to accrue.

However, I digress.

We've been very pleased with our Lazy-Boy couch and loveseat. They've held up well thus far, although they are abused by our circus act daily. We try to keep food off the couches. But even when there are spills, the stain-resistant treatment on them works very well. Gracie also loves to wipe her snotty nose on the couch as well. Lovely.

We sit on the couch daily to read, cuddle, watch TV etc.

The loveseat, well it gets a lot of use too. Not the kind you may expect though.

This is what it usually looks like.

(if this were a Not Me! post I'd say--that's not a potty chair in my living room, nor is my baby in front of the TV, and my house certainly is more picked up then what's reflected in this photo.)

Or this.

It's a pretty expensive laundry basket/folding table/toybox/junk area.
Good thing we have a loveseat.
(And yes, that's an adorable picture of Bean and Gracie!)


  1. that cracks me up...that would be what my dining room table looks like...we rarely sit at the table since there is always so much junk on it!

  2. That is so funny, because that is EXACTLY what our loveseat is used for too. I don't think we ever sit on it, and it is only empty when company is coming over :)

  3. haha, yeah, I think that's a pretty typical loveseat for moms with 3 or more young children. : ) Our sofas are usually covered with books. Currently is has library books sprawled across the entire thing. Ugh. At least I'm not alone in having a messy living room! So encouraging!


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