Wednesday, June 3, 2009


If you've been following my blog for a while, you may recall that sometimes I refer to Miss Rose as an amazon child. I especially recall this hilarious entry.

In case you were wondering, she's still an amazon child.

And I have proof.

Miss Rose is "student of the week" for her class and got to prepare a poster about herself, including her height and weight.

Ready for this? 60lbs and 48 inches. My child is 4 feet tall. At 5 years old. She's not even 5-1/2 yet. She's above 97% on the growth charts. She is only 1 foot and 4 inches shorter than me. I had to double check her carseat spec's and thankfully it goes to 65lbs, so hopefully she'll be able to stay harnessed until her 6th birthday, or at least close to it.

That's also a 2-inch and 8lb increase since October. No wonder she's been so hungry recently.

Sometimes she's like a big puppy, who really is too big for your lap, but is going to find a way to fit in it anyways. It's very sweet. She's a lover.

And while we're talking about Miss Rose, here is a cute exchange we had tonight while driving home from church."

Miss Rose: "Mama, I have some bleeding on my leg going on back here."

Me: "Really, what's going on?"

Miss Rose: "My leg is bleeding."

Me: "Well, is it a little bit or a lot?"

Miss Rose: "To me, it's a lot."

Upon inspection at home, she'd picked a bug bite and it was just a small raw spot on her leg. There wasn't even a drop of blood. But to her, it was a lot.

I sure love my amazon child.

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  1. That's funny - "I have some bleeding on my leg going on back here" :)


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