Friday, June 12, 2009

A rare capture

It's not often that Miss Rose will pose, much less smile for a candid shot these days. But when she does, she's so beautiful and sweet! This picture is from my iphone, to show Bean her wearing the new swimsuit coverup he bought her. Her cousin has a robe to bring to swim lessons and Miss Rose has been asking for one. Unfortunately, it's not really warm bathrobe season. At first glance, she wasn't thrilled with the substitute. But obviously, she warmed up to it.

In other family news...Gracie is doing fabulous with potty-training. Although I forgot about the frequent trips to public restrooms during this time. But in the end, it beats all the diaper changes! She was accident free today--which included a trip to the lake, Sea World for 3 hours and a 1.5hr nap. She fell asleep in the car, so I just transferred her to her bed (with a waterproof mat on it just in case!)

Oh, and I thought outings with a newborn, a toddler and preschooler were challenging. Just when I mastered those, things change up, of course. Now it's a baby (almost 5 months now! where does the time go) who isn't so interested in snoozing the entire time, a potty-training toddler and an almost Kindergartener. Keeping life interesting. And entertaining of course.
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  1. You are brave; I think I'd just stay in the house with kids in those stages!! In fact, I did stay in the house for months when Jaden was about 5 months and Micah was potty training :) Cute pictures too.

    Hey-how does Gracie do in public bathrooms? Do you take a portable seat with you? Micah doesn't sit down but we always have to take the seat with us to my parents house because he won't sit on it otherwise...

  2. You are right - she is such a beauty! So glad you were able to capture this sweet picture (and cute cover up too!). Way to go with the potty training - Myles has been doing great too (and he's older than your Gracie). :)

  3. I never know whether to respond to comments on my blog or on the blog of the commenter...

    Jaimie-no I don't take the potty seat with us. I followed MckMama's advice to get them used to the big toilet from the start. While we do use the potty chair at home most of the time right now, sometimes I put her on the regular toilet too. And I've just put her on the public toilets as if it's normal, no discussion with her about it. It probably helps that she sees her big sister sit on the toilet too though.


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