Saturday, July 25, 2009


Honestly, I hate snot. I try to use that word very sparingly and mean it. I do abhor snot though. I realize it has a purpose and often is an indicator of illness or allergies.

But I hate it in my kids noses. I hate how they can never seem to blow it all out. It's still stringing out. Gross.

Unfortunately, we see a lot of snot in our house. Allergies run rampant in Miss Rose. Which means that she often develops sinus infections. Which means buckets of snot in my house.

I shared this photo last summer as proof of the allergies and sinus infections and serious Kleenex supporting household we are. Miss Rose fell asleep with her hand in the tissue box because she needed them while in bed.

Right now I think Miss Rose has a sinus infection. Or a developing one. I've actually learned though, that just letting the infection run its course, is just as good as antibiotics. As long as she isn't miserable.

But that means a lot of snot. Which she doesn't ever seem to notice dripping down onto her philtrum. (no, I did not have to look that word up. I already knew it!) I'll tell her to blow, which she does half-heartedly and I can still hear the snot resonating in her nose. More often than not, I will hold the tissue and ask her to blow, and "super-blow" until her nasal cavity is empty.

Because I hate snot.

And yes, I AM that mom who picks boogers out of her baby's nose. Deal with it. I hate snot, and all the forms it comes in.

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