Saturday, August 29, 2009

Homemade in Red

Brace yourself for a photo blitz!

My sweet little Lily is 7 months old! I can't believe how fast this year is going by. It's probably that way with most 3rd and beyond children. I tell myself to cherish the moments as much as I can knowing I may not experience a new baby again.

Last week I had some professional photos taken that I have at work waiting to scan, I just haven't had time yet. I was pleased with how they came out. Want a preview? Here she is in the same dress after church on Sunday.

Check out the length of her tongue.

But, sometimes the best photo sessions are homemade. Certainly they are cheap! And someday, if I ever learn photoshop, I'll have fun editing the home shoots I've done with my kids.

So, I present

Miss Lily Cate

a study in Red

(homemade headband bow to boot!)

Her favorite lovey,

Which usually results in this, as soon as she's laid down. I'm hoping it will be her comfort item since she won't take a binky anymore.

These baby blues melt me

Oh, how I love this baby girl in red.


  1. I love those photos! Especially the long tongue and the fingers in the mouth ones. :D What a sweet sweet baby girl!

  2. These pictures are great! When can I schedule a session for my children? She is adorable! All of your girls are my favorite!

  3. Unreal those are so so cute! I love the red and that her blanky is red also. Can't wait to see the professional ones.


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