Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

We recently took the two older girls to their first real baseball game. Both Bean and I are sports fans and enjoy a good ballgame. We went last year and sat on the grass, but the game is watched on a large screen from there. This year we decided it was time to get some regular seats and our church purchased a large block of tickets so it was a great opportunity. Being there with many friends made the experience even more fun for the girls.

I realized it was the first time, since Lily's birth, that we purposefully did a fun activity with Miss Rose and Gracie, leaving Lily with a babysitter. It was a good experience and probably something we need to do every now and then until Lily is older. Oh and the man-to-man defense was so much easier too!

Bean & I had fun, and our team won!!

Gracie loved cheering for the team. Although sometimes she yelled out a football team name, but most of the time she got it right. Miss Rose said her favorite part of the night was Gracie's cheers.

Can you find Miss Rose in this photo? A friend took it and emailed it to me when she saw Miss Rose. Rock on!!

Miss Rose loved the fireworks after the game.

Gracie did not.

All in all, we had a BLAST! I can't wait until Lily is around 2 and we can all enjoy a game together.


  1. The picture of Miss Rose is hilarious! That's a keeper and if she has any type of rock music at her wedding one day you may need to blow up that pic.

  2. Very fun time! Now? Did you get a hot dog? Not that that has anything to do with anything, but just wondering.

  3. I'm NOT a hog dog fan :) It was one of the foods my mom didn't make me eat as a kid. My kids and hubby had dogs at the ballpark though!


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