Thursday, September 10, 2009

First day

Miss Rose had her first day of Kindergarten on Tuesday. She's been excited about it for quite a while now. It was nice that she was in an early-kindergarten program from January-June, as it really prepared her for what to expect from going to school and the separation from us.

I wanted to capture the three girls on Miss Rose's first day. Notice the look in Gracie's eyes. She's jacked her sister's water bottle and is momentarily getting away with it. I think Bean must have combed her hair the night before...hence the very low part and comb-over look.

A proud dad and his daughter

I can't believe she was the first baby carried by my body. Notice how she is MORE than half my height now? (and I even have small heels on in this photo)

Her teacher's name is Mrs. Mahoney. To which Bean immediately said (because he's a nickname guy): "I think I'll get a shirt made for open house that says 'Mrs. Mahoney is Mah-Homey.' " Poor Miss Rose was confused the first two days as to whether her name was Mahoney or Mahomey. I told Bean he had to chill with the Mah-Homey comments. Although it was quite clever and funny. We also found out that our nephew had Mrs. Mahoney as his kindergarten teacher 6 years ago.

If you follow my Twitter, you may have seen that on the 2nd day of school, Miss Rose was already running a tab at the cafeteria. Both of us didn't quite understand the minimum day schedule. So Miss Rose took it upon herself to get lunch from the cafeteria (even though she was being dismissed at 12:15) and they let her get it on credit. Bean and I had a lot of good laughs from that one.

There were few tears shed the first day upon separation (by all three of us I think) but every morning since has been smooth! Today was my first day not working with Miss Rose in school and I celebrated by going for a run with the double stroller, not needing to worry about Miss Rose on a bike. I'm going to enjoy the one-on-one time I will have with Gracie while Lily naps in the morning.

I realized this morning, that there still is SO much more to come of life and child-rearing. It's only just begun.
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