Saturday, September 26, 2009

Have you worn your baby today?

It's Babywearing week. Have you worn your baby today?

I like to think it's the latest fashion. Or at least it covers up the fact that most of my clothes are NOT in fashion. (that's what happens when you have 2 babies in 2 years, but I'll save that topic for another day.) This is much cuter than most of the clothes I own!

I discovered babywearing with my 2nd baby. I was excited to find a sling at a resale store and thought it was worth trying. Gracie loved the pouch sling. I wore her so much. Around the house, at my office when she was young enough to come to work with me, at 2am when that's the only way she would sleep, all around Ireland.

Lily loves to be worn too, although she prefers more of an upright position. Hence the Beco you see above.  It was my birthday present this year.  Yes, my birthday present was in fact something for my baby.  And it was the best gift! 

Lily loves the Beco.  She is so calm and peaceful when in it.  The two days a week I am home to pick Miss Rose up from school, I have to wake Gracie from her nap right before we leave.  She is usually still groggy and not quite ready to walk to the classroom.  So I push Gracie in the stroller and wear Lily in the Beco.  We are quite a site I'm sure.  But I have two happy babies, and that's what matters!

I was excited to get to introduce my sister in law to the wonders of the sling this week.  Her 4th baby is just a few weeks old, and she still has her hands full with a 20-month old.  Once the babe was in the sling she slept quite peacefully, and my sister in law could wrangle her little man-cub.

I love checking out Adventures in Babywearing to see all the lovely babywearing photos and posts.  I get a lot of sling envy! 

There are so many babywearing options.  Every baby and mama will have different needs, but if you have a baby or are expecting one--find a babywearing plan that works for you.  You'll love the closeness of your baby and the ease at which you are able to navigate the things of life.

I like Gracie would still love to be worn!  I just may give the Beco a try with her on my back.

When my babies are done being worn, I'm going to have to borrow some other ones!

Check out my post last year on Babywearing.  I wish I had more photos of me wearing Lily, but there usually isn't another adult around!


  1. I still have yet to try the Beco but they are beautiful carriers!


  2. I wish I had something more practical for Baileys size at this point. I put her in the backpack last weekend and I paid for it all week with sore shoulders. :( It's not that she's heavy, she's just long.

  3. Check out the site I listed above...there is a recent post of her wearing her baby in a silk wrap sling--looks great for a toddler! Maybe you could find something similar! Or you need an Ergo or Beco--which can be worn on the back, but have a waist strap, so the weight is supported by the childbearing hips---very comfy!!


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