Monday, September 14, 2009


I admit, I had to look up the spelling of that word.  But it's a good word, no?  Defined as without interest, vigor or determination.

For some reason,  this word personifies my children when it comes to the development of gross motor skills. 

When I had just one child, I figured sitting at 8 months old, crawling at 10 months and not walking until 15 months was because she was an amazon baby--24lbs at 1 year old.  Perhaps it was just hard to move her solid little body.

Then I had another child.  Who was on a decidedly different growth curve, weighing a mere 18lbs at 1 year old.  Certainly since she as a slight thing, she'd be able to move more quickly.  But no, Gracie took cues from her big sister apparently and her gross motor skills developed at very similar ages to Miss Rose.

This time around, I know what to expect.  And that's not much! 

My children just lack determination to move themselves around.  I have no idea why this is.  I don't think that I hold them or carry them around more than other mama's tote their little ones.  They have as much "floor time" as they will tolerate. 

Do other mama's "work with" their babies more to help them achieve these milestones?  Maybe that's my downfall, I just let them do it on their own time and don't push the point.  I doubt this is the case though.  I know many busy mom's who's babies get moving much sooner that mine and I really don't think they had time to work with them on it more than average.

Our neighbors have a little boy just a few weeks younger than Lily.  They are of a similar size.  This little guy was majorly motivated to get moving.  He has two big sisters just like Lily does (almost identical ages as ours too).  By 5 months old he was rolling himself around their house, and propping himself up on his arm and elbow in a reclining position before he was even able to sit up.  He's probably 7 months old now (Lily is 7.5months ) and he is fully crawling--and fast!

And Lily?  She rarely even decides to roll from her back to her belly.  When I put her on her belly, she might try to play for a few minutes but usually she just sticks her fingers in her mouth and lays her head down to suck them.  She's finally sitting for longer periods of time--in the Boppy.  No way is she sitting on her own.

I know not to worry though.  Have you ever met an averagely developed 2yr old who isn't walking?  Probably not.  I know Lily will eventually sit and crawl and walk, just like her sisters.  Just on her own timeline.

Right now--I'm anxious for her to sit on her own, as she'll be happier to play that way.  But honestly, I've learned to not mind that my kids aren't mobile quickly.  It makes things easier!  I don't have to worry yet about her crawling around the house, getting into stuff that isn't safe, being run over by her sisters.  It will all come in time.

But I still do wonder why all three of my daughters are so lackadaisical as babies.

(and I always thought the word was lackSadaisical.  But I guess not.  Learn something new every day)


  1. My boys crawel at 12 months and walk anywhere from 15-17 months!!! We are late around here with everything!!!

  2. I thought it was lackSadaisical too! joshua didnt crawl till 9 months and didnt walk till 15 months

  3. My baby girl is going on 17 months now and not yet walking. She gets around everywhere and fast, but she just doesn't seem that motivated to get on her feet. Oh well - I know it'll happen soon enough and I'll regret wishing she could walk. :)

  4. Enjoy the immobility! Mine were early and I wish they had waited just a hair longer :D I too thought it was spelled with an S. Thank you for the education :D


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