Friday, September 11, 2009

Oh the drama

Gracie is quite dramatic. Just for the sake of being dramatic. She's currently experimenting with expressing various emotions, that usually aren't applicable to the situation, but she likes them nonetheless. A few days ago, while I sat at Miss Rose's soccer practice, Gracie kept running up to me, hitting me on the arm and saying "I promise" in a very stern voice. That's one of her favorite tones these days, which I'm working on. I have no idea where that phrase came from.

This is a common pose Gracie strikes when she is trying to get attention or doesn't like something or wants to pout. She hunches her shoulders, purses her lips and will walk around like this for a few minutes. I actually find it very humorous.

And then when she does something wrong or is trying to avoid obeying, she buries her face in the corner of a couch.

Did I mention she wants to wear a "pri-lly" (pretty) dress every day? She's usually awake by 6:30 and it's one of the first things she asks for--along with "milky." This is one of her favorite dresses (which I think is adorable). I'm ready for the weather to cool though because a lot of the dresses are getting short and I want to add leggings to them.

She's a firecracker this one is!
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  1. Classic! I love it! :) She and Skylar sound like two peas in a pod. It must be that "second born" thing :)

  2. middle child syndrome at its core :)


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