Thursday, September 24, 2009

Perfecting Her Art

Babies get fussy. They meltdown. They can't communicate their needs, except through crying. Sometimes a lot of crying.

Toddlers throw tantrums. They are becoming independant and learning how to express themselves. With their newly found autonomy, when they don't get their way, they let you know how unhappy they are.

Five-year-olds, Kindergarteners, they are seasoned pros at life, compared to babies and toddlers. They have the vocabulary, the self-control. They can express themselves pretty well.

Out of these three children, one would expect the major meltdowns to come from the youngers.

Not in my house though. It's my 5-yr-old, who is actually closer to 6 now, that is perfecting the art of the tantrum. Tonight was one for the books. She DOES NOT like when life doesn't go her way. And she'll let you know.

Perhaps some of the failure is ours, for giving in too often, changing our minds to let her have her way, once the protesting and crying begins.

But, this kid, she throws a good fit. Especially when she's tired. Thursdays are often tough because Miss Rose goes to bed at least an hour late on Wednesday night due to church. And this Thursday, she was up before 6:30am because it was "Dads and Donuts Day" at school, which ran from 7-7:30am. One tired girl.

It began when I went to nurse the baby, in my room, to provide her with some quiet before bed. Miss Rose and Gracie were coloring, so Bean started the dishes.

Coloring didn't last long. Guess where they ended up? On the bed with me, of course. The light wasn't on. And I think something went on with Gracie bringing a stool in to climb on the bed (which she doesn't need) but she tripped and fell in the dark, hitting her head.

And thus began the downhill plummet. Miss Rose wanted to make her lunch with me (to ensure I gave her the treat she wanted). But Gracie was still crying and Bean was still furiously doing the dishes.

I said no, let's read your nightly books instead.

No, we can't read that long one. Okay, let's just read one book. You're not going to stop crying, you're throwing a fit that we're not making your lunch and we're only reading one book?

Okay, then it's time for bed. I'll brush your teeth while you cry. You still can't stop crying in your bed? I guess that means we can't do our normal nighttime routine. Your sister will have to sleep in another room, as you continue to carry on.

(Mind you, when you're 5.5 and you cry, you yell about the unfairness of life and are quite dramatic about it)

15 min later and you're still carrying on? I'll rub your back. Night-night sweetheart. 10 min later, you're STILL upset? Okay, I'll put your sister back in her bed. Just PLEASE go to sleep.

I sincerely hope, her younger sisters aren't learning from her.

(Oh, and Bean, the next time the meltdown begins, maybe save the dishes for AFTER the kids are in bed. Just an idea. But, thank you for the clean kitchen.)


  1. ugh - those days of extra stuff and less sleep are hard - for everyone! I usually send mine to their room, and tell them to come back when they have pulled it together, unless of course all they really need is a hug :)

  2. I've been following your blog for fun, I'm in a pregnacy after rupture and so that's our common link. I lost our son James, 5-21-08.
    I have been struggling with my 2 girls, one turned 4 in Aug, the other turns 6 in Oct.... I don't know what I will do if this baby is another girl. I thought I was the ONLY one in the WORLD who has a nearly 6yr old throwing these kinds of fits. I just can't STAND IT!
    Well, here's to us, knowing now that we aren't alone.

    Hugs momma!

  3. MRSHAYDEN3- glad you found me! I'm so sorry you lost your son last year, but happy you are expecting again. We'll have to exchange tips on the tantrums!


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