Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sharing the Love

I love that the exersaucer Lily is currently using is borrowed from my dear friend, and has been used by her three girls, my three girls, and a few other babies in between.

I love that I bought a fabulous cradle swing on craigslist for half-price (that was practically brand new) for Gracie and then my same friend used it for her daughter a year later, then back to me for Lily and now to another family.

I'm glad that when Miss Rose received some clothes, I was able to pull out a few horse-themed items for her friend who loves horses.

I'm blessed that thanks to her big sister, her friend Avery and other friends too, that Gracie honestly has more clothes than she will probably be able to wear before she grows out of them.

I love that when I recieved a LARGE bag of items for Gracie, which contained two and three sets of the same clothing items, I was able to pass the uneeded items to our neighbor, who has a daughter the same age.

I'm thrilled that I have a new niece, and so Lily's clothes can go to a family member.  As will some of her baby gear as she grows out of it.

How do you share the love?  What do you have in your garage, or closet that can be a blessing to another?  Sure, I save the special items and some stuff I lend out, asking that it be returned.  But it is such a blessing to me to be able to use someone's loved item or clothing and I look for how I can bless in return.

Share the love.


  1. I love that there are folks to pass stuff on to! :) I just need to find some girls older than Reagan so I can have them "share the love" with their clothes :D
    Now if we could just get all of us in the same neighborhood.....

    Do you need any walking toys for LC? Or other baby toys? We just purged!

  2. I too LOVE sharing and receiving the LOVE of gently used clothing, toys, and baby gear! Even with a boy and a girl we've been blessed with great hand-me-downs and can bless others after we're done.


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