Tuesday, September 8, 2009

She loves, my love

This is her lovey. She doesn't take a binky, but oh how she loves this small satin-y red blanket.

When she was just a few months old I noticed how she loved to caress blankets, especially to soothe herself.

Just to feed my obsession of all things red for this little girl, my recent prize included this lovey. The perfect size to make this mama feel safe with it in the bed, and for toting in the diaper bag and car.

When sleepy-time comes, as soon as this blanket is close to her face, her fingers go in her mouth and her body begins to relax.

I probably should look into purchasing a few more, in case this one gets lost.

I do hope this remains her soothing mechanism of choice. Because if she refuses the binky, she needs SOMETHING.

It's just another sweet thing, that makes her my Lily. Determined to be a little different, yet the same.

She's my lovey. Adding her to our lives has been a bit different, yet the same.
She brings me comfort and security. She fills parts of my soul.
She's the perfect size for toting everywhere. I can't stand to be without her.
She's one of a kind and I will never lose her.

She loves and she's my love.
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  1. Wow. She is so adorable she almost wants me want to have another baby!!! (and that is a huge statement for me to make :) That is the cutest thing ever!!!

  2. Wow! She must be cute :) That coming from the girl who said she KNEW she was done! There's always adoption :)

  3. I love her. Give her kisses from me! :) And yes, stock up on those blankies! But don't wait until the one is old or lost to pull out the old ones. Cycle them in so they all "feel" and smell the same :D


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