Monday, October 5, 2009

2 in 2 = 2 (and again??)

No I'm not pregnant.  Yes this post is about pregnancy, and dental care.  Did I scare you?

I've been avoiding the dentist for months now.  My gums always suffer in pregnancy.  I could find a link to share that it's common, but you'll just have to google it.

Finding myself knocked up unexpectedly last year, threw my dental care off course.  I had a dental appointment scheduled long before I knew another little Bean was nestled inside of me.  So when I told them of my recent findings, x-rays were out.  I was asked to come in a few weeks before my due date, for a slightly early cleaning.

Yeah, I went into labor the day before my appointment.  And then I delivered the day of my appointment.  My dentist is almost completely computer run (which is so cool--my xrays show up instantly on a screen in front of me) and I saw in the patient notes "patient cancelled less than 24hrs, in labor". 

Getting to the dentist after Lily was born, was NOT a high priority.  Nor was flossing.  If the baby was asleep, and housework was done, I wanted to be in bed as quickly as possible.

I FINALLY made it to the dentist last week.  (the 3rd appointment scheduled in 2wks was the charm)

I had NO cavities until college (even though my first dental visit was at age 12).  Poor quality food and probably too much Diet Coke contributed to a few cavities.

I haven't had any since college.

Until now.  I guess two babies in two years means a cavity for each of them.  My babies are just that sweet.

I have a few other problem areas.  That can be taken care of with flossing.  So I really need to make that a daily habit again.  Along with lots of other areas of self-care that have been neglected.

Oh, and would you say a prayer for Miss Rose tomorrow?  She is a magnet for oral trauma.  She had a tooth pulled at 2.5yrs due to trauma.  After a soccer tangle 1.5 wks ago, her remaining top middle tooth is still a bit loose and the gum looks a little questionable to me.  I really don't want her to have a tooth pulled AGAIN.  She has yet to loose her first tooth, so I know we are at least several months from those top permanent teeth coming in.

And have you ever heard of 6yr molars?  Miss Rose has some back teeth coming in.  Our almost 7-yr old neighbor (who's pretty bright) said she got 6-yr molars last year.  I thought Miss Rose was just intelligent and getting her wisdom teeth already.  I need to google 6-yr molars.  Or maybe you can do it for me. 


  1. Like you, I had 0 cavities before college. I found out I had my first cavities the same day I found out I was pregnant for the first time.

    4 kids later has equaled a whole lot of cavities. :( Who would have thought pregnancies and nursing could wreck havoc on the mouth like that?!?

  2. Dr. Oz says flossing daily can add 6 years on to your life. I floss while I watch TV or am just unwinding from my day. After spending a summer in Mexico and living in a tent I got 2 cavities. I knew it was because I had not flossed daily. Since that summer I have flossed every night and have not gotten any new cavities.

  3. I've been avoiding the dentist too. I have TERRIBLE gums during pregnancy AND nursing. But now i have no excuse. I'm not doing either. And yes, six year molars are a real thing. But they are permanent teeth so they don't come in until after six sometimes. Reagan has yet to get hers.

  4. I have heard of the 6 year molar....but I think we tune it out after we finally get through the 2 year ones.


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