Thursday, October 29, 2009

9 months??

It hit me last night, as I was writing a tweet, that my baby turned 9 months yesterday.

Yeah, I'm pretty much in denial about that.  9 months?  You mean she will be ONE YEAR OLD in just 3 months?  I can't except that.  I love having a baby.  Thankfully my children are unmotivated and lackadaisical.  She just started sitting up a few weeks ago.   Crawling and walking are quite far off.  So I can still pretend she's a little baby.

It's incredible that she's now spent the same amount of time breathing oxygen as she did in my womb, being nourished by the placenta and umbilical cord.

It really goes by so fast.  People tell you that, and you realize it here and there, but sometimes it hits you all over again.  All of my life I dreamed of being a mom and having babies.  For some reason, my mind never made it beyond "having babies" to having preschoolers, kindergarteners and school-age children.  But that's where our family is heading.  It's just hard to believe.

People will tell you to enjoy and cherish the moments, because they speed by.  And they do.  I'm thankful that when Miss Rose was born I really was able to enjoy every moment during her first year and just relish in being a mom and having my first baby.

While I've definately enjoyed Lily, it's different when you have older children, and working outside of the home.  I am careful to cherish the moments I do have with her (which are still many) and although I sometimes complain here and there, I don't mind that she's pretty attached to me and from about 4pm just wants me to hold her. 

It seemed like her colicky phases would never end...but now it's a somewhat distant memory.

It seemed like she would never sleep through the night, but all of the sudden she sleeps about 11hours at night.

It seemed like she would never sit up.  But a few weeks ago, she was sitting and playing.

I know the rest of the moments will speed by quickly.  So I'm just embracing denial and doing all I can to enjoy my baby.  She is my last, you know.  I think.  As long as God doesn't have other plans.  Or we don't come into tons of money.  Or make a crazy, ill-advised decision.  I'm ready to go wake her up from a nap just to cuddle her right now.  But I'm smart enough to know a rested baby is more fun!

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  1. Such a sweet girl and a sweet post! I had reality hit when my "baby" turned 1 1/2 this past week - now she qualifies as a toddler and I'm not ready for that!

  2. Ok, so I'm probably overly hormonal, but this one made me cry. It does go too fast. And knowing it's your last makes it go faster. I remember the day that first picture was taken. Seems like just a few weeks ago. Each phase is fun, but there is something SO special about that teeny tiny baby phase. I miss it ;( I think I need to find someone with a newborn that I can borrow to get my "fix." :D


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