Monday, October 19, 2009

Bridal Beauties

Miss Rose and Gracie were in a wedding this weekend.  It was such an honor to be involved in the special day of friends.  It's also exhausting to wrangle a 5yr old who's favorite thing isn't dresses and fancy hair and a 2yr old who pretty much thinks it's the BEST day of her life.

I was SO proud of my girls though.  They followed directions, participated to the fullest extent, were so patient during all the waiting and of course they were gorgeous.

Gracie, my lover of "prilly" dresses was in heaven.  She wanted to put her dress on from the moment we arrived.  While we were waiting for the wedding to begin we were in a room that had a 3-way mirror.  I caught Gracie admiring herself in the mirror and when she realized other views were available she would turn from side to side and mirror to mirror checking out the bow on her back, and all angles of her cute self.

She kept asking when the wedding would start and when can we go to the wedding?  The girl was ready to go!

Miss Rose is such a beauty, even though she's a tomboy.  Secretly, I loved being able to dress her up and fix her hair, since she hasn't let me do that for a year or more.  I think at some points she enjoyed being fussed over as well.

The next day, Gracie insisted upon wearing her "wedding shoes" to church.  With a more casual dress, and even more casual socks.  Oh well, she's 2.  It was cute!

My only regret for the day was that it was so hectic that I didn't get a picture with the girls and even though I dressed Lily in a coordinating dress, I didn't get a picture of the three of them together.

The girls are in another wedding in April and I'm excited!  If Lily is walking by then, she might be involved too--and this mama will just be in heaven!  I did learn, that if the bride wants photos of the children clean and looking put together---they must take place before the ceremony!  By the time the photos were taken after the ceremony, Gracie had already acquired several stains on her dress and their hair was beginning to come out of the bobby pins.  But I know the photos still came out great!

This is one of my favorites.  I can't wait to see the professional ones!

 I will admit, I got a little choked up with pride and love for my beautiful girls as they made their way down the isle.
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  1. beautiful pictures! They look gorgeous! :D

  2. Your girls are beautiful! Congratulations on having a stunning family!! :)


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