Monday, October 12, 2009

He went there

We currently have a round dining room table and three chairs.

One chair is a folding chair...that is dangerous for children. My children have folded it on themselves. And pulled it down on themselves as babies.

The other chairs match the table...but their mates broke in the last few years, so the two remaining can't be far behind.

Oh, and there's a highchair.

That's seating for 4. We are a family of 5. A family of 5 dinner-eaters now that the baby is eating solids (although she won't eat my homemade food, but that's another post).

So the baby sits on my lap. Usually as soon as Bean is done eating, he takes over feeding her so I can finish my dinner.

Tonight I looked at him and said "I just want another chair or a bigger table." Because of how our dining area is shaped and the size of our family, I'd like a rectangular table. But new dining sets are expensive.

Then, he went there.

Bean looked at me and said "just think of all the babies in 3rd World countries who don't even have food to eat."

Now come on, was that necessary? Or fair? I think not.

Of course I do see his point.

But as my dad used to tell his mom when she was trying to get him to clean his plate, "then just put the food in an envelope and mail it to them.'

So there.

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