Friday, October 9, 2009

Lucky in Love

Bean and I celebrated 8 years of marriage this week.  I had all sorts of ideas for a creative, fabulous post honoring this event.  But let's be honest, I'm a busy working mom of three small children.  The pieces just never came together.  So here's my heart and thoughts.

8 years of marriage

3 children, ages 5 and younger.

3 major job changes for each of us--with of course some side jobs thrown in there

5 different homes

1 truck, traded for 1 CRV, traded for 1 minivan (bless Bean for driving the Saturn that I brought into our marriage)

These are some of the huge milestones we've been through together.  Each with their ups and downs.  But together is the key.  When we are in the midst of difficulty, we often say to each other "there is no other person I'd rather go through this with."  And it's so true.

We still look at each other in amazement that we're married.  Bean's brother was one of my close friends growing up.  We knew of each other, but never hung out or even really talked.  Until I moved back home after college.  I remember the first time I "officially" approached Bean.  I had been asked to lead worship for our church college group, and I had remembered seeing him play guitar a few times.  So I asked if he wanted to be on the worship team.  I'm not great at that kind of thing--making that kind of request--but I'm SO glad I did :)  Now he is my guitarist for life.  People used to tease me and Bean's brother about dating--but I like to think I got the better brother!  Better for me that is :)  His brother and I would have killed each other, although I still consider him one of my close friends.  And his wife is perfect for him.

I love our marriage.  Thankfully it's been one of the "easy" things in life.  Certainly we have our ups and downs--which usually is due to failure to communicate, but most of the time being married to Bean is the best thing in my life (also because he gave me those three beautiful babies).  Our favorite time of the day is when we can finally get in our comfy bed, cuddle and sleep (although we both sleep best lying back to back...but our feet almost always touch).  I find it romantic that Bean checks my Twitter feed every day, even though he doesn't have an account himself.  He just likes to see what I'm saying about my day. 

Sometime in the last year I heard the song "Lucky in Love" for the first time.  Ever since then, it's stuck with me as being so true for Bean and I.  I have been lucky in love, and am lucky that my love is my best friend.

I love you Bean!  You are my best friend and I look forward to what the next years have to offer us.

(you know it's love when I post a photo of us at HIS beloved Bronco stadium when I am a die-hard Charger fan)


  1. Happy Anniversary! So sweet to read a little about your life together. :)

  2. awwww, so sweet! Does he read your blog too? :D

  3. hey when where you here in Denver???


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