Monday, October 26, 2009

reading list

I enjoy blog reading, as I've stated before.  I love reading about people's real lives and their perspective on things.  Sometimes they put into words thoughts I've been unable to form.  They inspire me, they bring me to tears.  As a working, busy mom I don't have a lot of time for book reading.  But my iPhone makes blog-browsing pretty easy thanks to Google Reader.

Here's a few posts I've enjoyed recently.  Click and view at your own pleasure.

Steph posted some great thoughts on doing it allShe has commented on my blog before...and it makes me feel special!

Heidi chronicled a Real Mom's Day. And hit it right on. 

I'm not sure how I ended up with Prevention Magazine, but this article/interview with the First Lady was inspiring to me.  While her life is very different from most of ours, she is still a mom of young girls, trying to balance it all. 

A longtime friend of mine recently lost her first baby to Trisomy.  She's just started a blog and her journey is heartbreaking, but her faith is amazing.

I may or may not be related to the author of this blog, and she may or may not be "weirded out" when people she doesn't know read her blog, but if you read my blog, you *know* me, so we can say you *know* her too, right?  I think what she has is pretty funny, honest and at times raw.

Well, that's my reading list for you.  Maybe you can share some good stuff you've read recently in the comments or in a similar post on your own blog.

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