Sunday, October 4, 2009

There will come a day

There will come a day, that I'll be able to volunteer in my child's classroom.

Right now, I feel guilty every time a paper is sent home requesting parent help.  Being a working mom, with two other small children, it's just not possible.  Either I'm at work...or it would mean alternate childcare for the little ones on a day when I'd rather be with them.  No one makes me feel guilty and I'm sure anyone would understand, and I'm confident I'm not the only one in this position.  But I do wish I could add that to my list of Supermom abilities.

There will come a day that I will be able to do the extra homework and fill the reading lists with my child.  Right now, we're lucky to just complete the basic homework and read several books a week...instead of each night.  And I even feel guilty that on my work days, I need Miss Rose to complete her homework before I get home--because it's just another piece of craziness added to dinner, baths, bedtime routines, lunch making, house cleaning and clingy babies.

There will come a day that my house will be organized and feel like a home.  Admittedly, I am a packrat.  I save things just in case.  I like to file important paperwork and tax documents, even though most things would probably be available electronically or on request.  But I need to change those habits.  There is no space for such clutter in our house.  Things need to put put away, right away.  Everything needs a place, because there is no extra space.  We're still in that process though.  And it's driving me crazy.  We now have three functional bedrooms.  So we are a few steps closer.  We're here for a long time, so I will figure it out, right?

There will come a day when Bean and I will not need to make a complicated schematic just to get us through the week of work, school, soccer, family obligations, hopefully some exercise and family time.

There will come a day, when I will look fondly on these days.  The days my children were young, messy and sticky.  The days when they needed me, 24/7.  The days when nothing went according to plan, and we just laughed our way through it.  The days when our faith and trust in God were stretched, and grew.  The days when we were seeking God and letting him lead us in the formation of our family and life. 

There will come a day. 


  1. Mommy guilt- yes, we all have it :o( good thing we can all support each other in the midst...

  2. No one is immune. Even those of us that stay home feel guilty for one thing or another. As for organizing. Invest in some bins from walmart and a labeler. Saved my sanity! :D

  3. I just want to give you an fyi of your sister-in-law who loves to organize....if you need me I can be there.:)

    Also you are a great supermom!!


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