Sunday, November 15, 2009

the best thing I've seen in a long time

There is a grocery store just two short blocks away from our home.  This is one of my favorite things about our home.  We can easily go pick up an item or two that we need on a daily basis.  Often one of us will walk to the store.  Usually Gracie tags along as she's always up for a walk.

This afternoon Bean and I made a grocery list of items we needed for the week and off he and Gracie went.  Shortly after they left, I realized the list was quite lengthy and I wondered how he would do getting everything home.  I was kind of expecting a phone call to go pick them and the groceries up.

The sun set in the meantime and dusk set upon us.  I kept looking down the street, wondering where they were.

The final time I went out to check, there they were.  I wish I had a camera on me at the time, or my phone.

Bean was pushing a grocery cart, with Gracie riding in the child seat and the cart was full of our groceries.  It was quite practical, but honestly one of the funniest things I've seen in a long time.  I still laugh out loud thinking about it.  My cute mexican husband, in his baggy shorts and flip flops, pushing a cart with our beautiful 2yr old riding along, like this happens in her life every day.  STINKING HILARIOUS!  If I was an artist, I'd paint a picture of it.

There are several elderly people that I see on a regular basis wheeling their groceries home in a cart and then returning it.  No one actually keeps the carts in our neighborhood.  These people probably don't DRIVE due to their age, so hence the need to push their cart home. 

He thinks this is much ado about nothing.  I posted this fun fact to my Facebook Status and people are enjoying the mental picture.  "People push carts home all the time."  Um, not usually able-bodied men, with a small child, and a perfectly good vehicle at home, with a wife willing to pick him up.

But hey, he got the groceries home, and the kid, all in one piece.

I'm going to be laughing for a long time to come.


  1. That's great!! I wish you had a camera too, but my mental picture is pretty hilarious! :D

  2. This is really funny! I just read your Not Me Monday from McMama's site and decided to check out the rest of your blog. Cute family!


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