Thursday, November 5, 2009

fall out of falling back

Almost a week has passed now, but we parents of young children are still reeling from the fallout of falling back.  As an adult this is the favorite daylight savings event, because it means an extra hour of sleep.  Young children though, don't sleep extra.  So for parents, it's a much dreaded day.

I was hopeful, stupidly hopeful, this year that there might not be great reprocussions.  Being that daylight savings fell on the night of Halloween, perhaps schedules would already be altered enough, that they would sleep through the time difference.  Nope.  It was fall back--Bean Circus style around these parts.

Oh, it was not to be so.  In fact, little Lily decided that there was a two-hour time difference and woke at 4am not be consoled.  Nursing, rocking, soothing, nothing was doing the trick.  This was very unusual for her.  Typically I can nurse her and put her back down and she's fine.  Or if I decide to keep her up, she's happy too.  Neither option made her happy that morning.  It was well after 5am when I finally had her down and quiet and went back to bed.

Sure enough though, before the clock read 6am (new time) it started with a sneeze or two (which is how Miss Rose greets every morning) and then the pitter patter of little feet.  Eight limbs piled into our bed pretty bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.  Miss Rose seemed to find comfort cuddling in bed with her elbow IN MY BACK and then Gracie's knee pounded Bean in his man-parts...and the family bed was over.

Miss Rose and Gracie are finally back to their 6:30am wakeup.  Lily had trouble with her naps this week, and I wonder if her natural rhythms were still off.  She finally took some good naps yesterday.  Lily loves waking at 5:45am, but I pretty much refuse to get her out of bed until 6am.  That is the earliest we rise in this house.  Well, the earliest children are to rise.

I'm looking forward to Spring Forward.  Perhaps I will be able to use it to my advantage to get Lily sleeping past 6am.  Dare to dream.


  1. ugh! So sorry! My girls haven't seem affected that much (thankfully!). Praying you get more sleep soon!

  2. Did I write that first paragraph?? Seriously - Sunday started WAY too early in our household too and each day this week has been much earlier than it should have. On a positive note though - I took the extra time this morning to SHRED again!

  3. I kinda like it... at 6 PM my kids are like, "Gee, Mom- it's getting really late- we should go to bed!" they don't realize it's just because it's dark, that's it's not really that late!! ;)

  4. It is so funny you posted this, cause the boys are doing the exact same thing and I thought to myself, I should blog to see if the other mommies are having the same trouble. But it looks like we all are.:)

  5. SAME THING over by me. My son, who usually gets up around 5am or just before woke up at 3:30 or 4:00 ALL WEEK LONG. I feel for you. Really. I am so tired right now and have been all week.


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