Monday, November 2, 2009

it doesn't get cuter than this

When I was a little girl, I was either playing outside with my brother, or playing inside with my baby dolls.  I only had a few really nice dolls, and they were truly my babies.  Most of the time, I played hospital with them.  But I always had fun dressing them and wrapping them in blankets, just like a real baby.  In fact, I still have those same dolls and some of the clothes I'd use with them.  Sometimes Miss Rose plays with my baby dolls.

So it's no surprise that I have fun dressing my children up.  It's not all frills and lace, but I do labor over what to have them wear for holidays, professional photos and of course Halloween!  I'm actually not the hugest fan of the holiday itself, but since we have an event at church, I'm okay with the kids dressing up and enjoying the candy.  In fact, I like dressing them up.

In just a few more years, they will choose their own costumes, but for now I get to choose two out of three costumes.  This year, with three children, I realized we are quickly moving towards coming up with costumes out of things we already own.  Even bargain hunting and making purchases on ebay, Halloween added up to more than I expected.

It was worth it though.  At least this year.  We had the absolutely cutest girls on Halloween. 

Gracie was so adorable as Minnie Mouse, even if she didn't want to wear her ears.  She has a new love of wearing tights.  In fact, she thinks they are like leggings or pants and can be worn out of the house, with a shirt and shoes.  And her dress, she's wanted to wear it every day since.

Lily was a perfect little ladybug.  Initially I planned on her being a flower, her name being Lily and all.  But the 6-12 month costume I bought, was big enough to fit Gracie.  So I'm saving it for next year.  But my next door neighbor had the ladybug costume and it ended up being perfect.  It actually fed my obsession of all things red for my baby girl!

What can we say about Miss Rose?  She tries to be rough and tumble.  Choosing a policeman costume.  But she just ends up being the most beautiful cop with her curls cascading down her back.  I sometimes threaten to cut her hair when we argue over combing it out, but I'm glad it's so long and beautiful.  I used to have curls like hers.  But the hormones of three pregnancies have relaxed them :(

For the first time in a few years I didn't have a specific role at our Halloween event, which meant I was able to enjoy going around with my kids.

It was the first time Gracie really understood what getting candy was all about and riding the ponies was a huge hit.

And this little girl, just melts my heart with every smile.  She "tries" to smile so big, it just overtakes her face.  I love this little ladybug!

I love being a mom and getting to share these wonderful times with my family.  Such great memories.  I still need to download a great family photo someone snapped of the five of us, so I'll share that in another post.

You have to admit, they are pretty cute!


  1. They ARE pretty cute :D I love the candid one of you and Miss Rose. Her expression is pretty priceless :D I <3 girls!

  2. Corrina, Gigi was a lady bug also and wore the same costume. so so cute. I did not get many good pics but I will post what I have so you can see. What cuties those girls are:)


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