Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Last night

I'm sure you are SO curious as to what our night was like last night.  I'm sure you are fascinated by my stories of my sick family.  I'm sure you wait all day to see what I say.

HA!  I know none of that is true :)

But for my faithful readers (and friends!) who are great to comment on most anything, I'll entertain you with another night in the sick house.  It's a whole different kind of three bean circus.

10:15pm Change Lily's very wet diaper and lay her back down (I do this once a week with no issues)

10:30pm Bean & Beana are all tucked in

10:32pm Lily has decided having her diaper changed while sleeping is akin to some great travesty and her lungs are letting us know.

10:45pm Bean goes in to calm Lily, and it works for a bit

11ish pm Gracie is crying, and shaking from her fever that's fully set in

11:15pm Gracie is in bed with us.  Lily is screaming again.

11:20pm Gracie is miserable, Lily is screaming.  Get Lily from her bed.  Get motrin for Gracie.  Nurse Lily,  put her back to bed.

11:56pm Gracie is calmer, but spreading out in our bed.  Bean returns her to bed now that she is comfortable again.

2am        Miss Rose comes to bed with us after a bad dream, still feverish.  This is unusual, so she must have felt bad or been hallucinating. 

3am       I'm not sleeping well with Miss Rose in bed, so I get up and pump.  Which is rather unproductive thanks to the impromptu midnight nursing session.

5am        Guess who is screaming again.  After a few minutes, Bean goes in and she only gets madder.  Mom to the rescue (more like mom's parts to the rescue).  I nurse her, put her  back to bed.

6am       Gracie comes in, lays with us for a bit, but by 6:15am the girls are up and laying on the couch covered in their blankets.  Time for me to get ready for work.

The girls spent most of the day on the couch with their blankets.  At one point Bean said they both fell asleep on the couch together (SO uncharacteristic of them).  He was a wonderful stay at home dad today, managing two sick children and a baby. 

The fevers continued to come and go during the day, so Motrin was required.  By this evening, Miss Rose seemed fever free.  Since Gracie is about a day behind Miss Rose, she was at 101 before bed tonight.  Miss Rose must be fever free for 24hrs before returning to school, so she'll be home again tomorrow.  I very hopeful that the worst is over for her and she'll be at school on Friday.

Me...exhausted.  Between two very full, busy days at work, along with two very poor nights of sleep, I feel pretty brain dead.  Thankfully I was able to have someone cover my group at church tonight, and we had a very quiet night at home.

I've decided, if my children are going to pass illness to each other, we may need a bigger bed, since they end up with us.  The only problem is, our bedroom can't accomodate a larger bed.  And I don't just mean "it will be tight" I mean, we'd have bed almost wall to wall!!  So we'll continue squeezing in our queen size.

Here's to hoping I don't blog another chronicle of a sick night in our house!!  I'm sure you're bored to tears with it right now and are dying for some other topic on my blog.  Go ahead and laugh though.  These last few days and nights have been comedy...something you think you only hear about (or see on TV).

Sleep tight my friends!


  1. Now that you've found someone to cover your group at church, you just need someone to cover your group at home.

    Good luck!

  2. Missed you tonight but Ryan did a great job. I brought you mississippi mud brownies. Oh probably shouldn't have told you that, I will try again another time. I'm so sorry that they are sick! Missed them tonight too! Hope everyone feels better soon and has a much better night.

  3. Oh man, I was exhausted FOR you reading that!! I'm so sorry... and trust me, the bigger bed does not help. We have a Cal King bed and Jaden still kicks me in the face and sprawls out every single night until we take him back to his bed. It does make for more room when a kid is sick but we still don't sleep with him in the bed! :) Hoping tomorrow is much better, and kudos to Roger!!

  4. Let me know if you need anything, I can drop off at the door so the boys don't get it. :)


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