Sunday, November 8, 2009

Random Me

I'm not sure why, but I've been cataloging random things about myself.  Curious?

I have a weird fixation with birth-dates that have some sort of mathematical pattern to them.
Miss Rose: 1.26.04 This is okay in my book.  6 subtract 2 = 4
Gracie: 4.5.07 Better.  Sequential, although 6 is missing
Lily: 1.28.09  Best!!  1,2...8,9 (although I still wish she had come on her c/section date of 2.09.2009)

I can remember (although it's starting to get fuzzy) the weights of my kids at various points during their first year of life.  Like at 6 months, Miss Rose weighed about 17lbs, Gracie was just 14lbs and Lily was 15.5lbs.  My sister-in-law always laughs at me when I reference these sorts of things.  There are MANY things I can't remember, and would gladly trade the weights for practical, everyday things.  But I can't control my brain.

I still remember who gave me various wedding and baby gifts and many of the baby clothes the girls have received.
Paper towel holder...Marsha (as my Christmas gift, 2 months after our wedding)
Rice bowls...Joy, my roomate
All-Clad & Kitchen Aid...our AMAZING wedding party :)
Pink blanket for Miss Rose...Beloved Mama
Janie & Jack, Gymboree newborn sister
Blankee that Gracie attached herself too....Janet, former co-worker

I assign speed dial numbers according to birthdays (which I remember well too).  My youngest sister is speed dial 28, because her birthday is 11/28.  (except the iphone doesn't do speed dial like that, so I guess I don't use that method any longer--but I thought it was pretty creative).  And I remember TONS of birthdays of friends in my life.  Some I am still in touch with and some who I haven't wished a Happy Birthday to in years.

Most of this--random and useless.  But sometimes I just facsinate myself and wonder how does my brain function in the ways that it does!

What's random about you?


  1. I also remember gifts given to me (and the kids) by a variety of people. People are often amazed when I dress my kids and always know who gave us what, even if it's a hand-me-down or from a far-removed source (husbands co-worker I don't know).

  2. I remember wedding gifts too! (and think of those people when i use the items...which can be odd when the gift is a bath towel) :D
    I remember lots of OLD phone numbers but can't for the life of me remember new ones.
    I remember my parents license numbers (don't ask me why I know that one!), but don't know my husbands. I know all of our old license plate numbers, but none of our new ones. :D
    I think it's drained my brain cells :D

  3. Pink Blanky, from me???!!! So glad you remembered tee hee hee :)


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