Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Relief is on the way (I hope)

I was so excited to finally hear back from my doctor's office today.  Based on my symptoms, they called a prescription in for me--the suspect being a sinus infection.  I don't remember the last time I had to take an antibiotic, and I do avoid them when possible with my kids, but frankly I'm excited to be taking it.  Hoping for some relief.  I'd like to be able to taste food and thus have an appetite for it. 

Thanks for your prayers and thoughts!

On another note....my almost 6yr old is so incredibly obstinate.  We're having some attitude issues with her--lots of backtalk and lack of obedience.  She likes to think that she doesn't have to obey if she thinks her way or her idea is better.  And let me tell you, the backtalk from this child, I thought only teenagers were capable of.

After several incidences the real humdinger occured at dinner.  I can't even recall the exact incident.  All I know is that it resulted in a huge snot bubble on Miss Rose's face.  I wasn't done discussing the incident with her, so I asked her to blow her nose into my paper towel.  (a bit rough I know, but she'll often choose this herself thanks to her father's influence).  She started walking away.  After raising my voice, she finally returned to me.

Me: "You need to ask permission to go blow your nose in the bathroom."

Her: "No."

Me: "Well then, you need to blow it right here."

Her: "No."

(repeat x2)

Me: "Then go to your room."

Really?  She's so stubborn she won't simply ask for permission? 

Yes, these are the battles we are fighting.  I'm really hoping by being firm, this won't be a rough holiday break.

Any suggestions on books to read on discipline or character formation for a 6-year old?  (And yes, I've read "The Strong-Willed Child."


  1. This is the part of parenting I'm learning very quickly I don't like. It takes everything inside of me not to get angry and to calmly remain firm in my discipline. The best parenting book my husband and I have ever read is Shepherding a Child's Heart. From a Christian perspective, it focuses on the real issue of parenting and discipline--teaching and leading your children to the heart of God and person of Jesus Christ. It's amazing. It's the first book that reminds me as a parent very firmly that in no way is discipline about doing what I want her to do. It's about doing what God wants her to do. The first few chapters we had to read over and over again to let it soak in. It discusses how parents usually discipline because the child's behavior is either 1) embarrassing or 2) inconvenient for the parent. So insightful.

  2. My mom followed Dobson's Dare to Discipline, I think.... not the discipline with love, the other one, my stern I am sure :) You are always facebook my mom too... she, like your mom, had an assortment of kids. My mom always gives me the best advice for Riley, he is quite the handful too. You are not alone :)


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