Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Yup, I was right

Yes, it's a long week.

Around 2am both girls came in to our room because Miss Rose needed to blow her nose and somehow Gracie woke up too.  I could tell that Miss Rose was starting to run a fever again.  One practice I try to keep is not overmedicating for fevers.  Of course the instinct is to want to bring the fever down.  But the fever is actually doing work in the body and especially for children, functions to keep them sedated.  Of course high fever can cause other problems, so there is definately a balance to be struck.

I put the girls back to bed (somehow Bean blissfully slept through it all) and since I was up decided to pump.  Being that the baby is getting closer to a year and I have those irritating female hormones coursing through my body, my supply is dropping when I pump.  But pumping in the middle of the night provides me with more milk than during the day.  I probably fell back to sleep around 3am.

At 4am Miss Rose came in again because she couldn't sleep.  She was burning up at this point, so it was Motrin time.  There wasn't a lot of sleep that happened between 4am & 6am.  Miss Rose was restless and Bean ended up on the couch.  By 6am Miss Rose was wide awake and Gracie was soon to follow.

Bean stayed home with the big girl and the little girls still went to his mom's.  She was pretty lethargic all day and by the evening, her fever was raging again.  She took a 2hr nap and spent much of the evening dozing as well.  It took about 2hrs after an evening Motrin dose for her fever to come down enough perk up a bit and ask for some dinner.  She's also got a pretty hacking cough.

Gracie is showing signs of illness.  Her nose has been running all day and she felt like she may have a low-grade temperature.  I'm fully expecting it to hit in the middle of the night. 

I really need to figure out the best way to take my kids' temperatures.  I have an inexpensive temporal scanner, and it's pretty useless.  It read that Miss Rose's temp was 99, but a digitial in her armpit showed a 103.5 temp (which was more what she felt like).  I know it's no longer safe, but I miss the old school mercury thermometers.  I just never trust the digital ones.

My husband rocks though!  He is one who really dislikes missing work, but he has many more sick hours than I do.  Since I'm only in the office a few days a week, it's a huge impact when I'm not there.  And there is an out of town consultant I'm working with this week--so almost impossible to not go in.  But Bean is doing Daddy-duty with a great attitude! 

You can pray for him tomorrow because he'll have all three girls tomorrow!  While the severity remains to be seen, two of them won't be 100% healthy.  He's off for Veterans Day and was planning a trip to the Zoo, but that's out.  It will be movie day instead, I'm sure!

Hoping we're on the upswing now!  Positive thinking works, right?


  1. What a bummer!!! So sorry... I will be praying for Roger tomorrow. Do you have a temporal artery scanner thermometer? I love mine and have found it to be as accurate as rectal. It was about $60 but so worth it.

    P.S. HOW did you get 5 Minutes for Mom to be one of your followers?? So cool!!

  2. Praying Praying Praying!!! Hopefully the worst is over. We have a temporal scanner too and I love it!


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