Sunday, December 6, 2009

Baby, among babies

Here is my baby, among babies. Set in a row by her sisters.

When I saw them, I couldn't help but set her down to, and snap a photo.

I used to set my babies in a row too.
I'd dress them all up, wrap them in blankets and set them up on the couch, or the bed.
In fact, the two middle babies here, were mine growing up.
Kari Jo and Aimee, if you wanted to know.
A Madame Alexander (still one of my fave doll makers) and a Real Baby. Not sure who made her, but I do remember that title.
Kailyn and Baby Moses frame them.
I used to dream of being a mommy to my own babies.
Of dressing them and caring for them.
This life, is my dream come true.
There is my smallest baby, among baby dolls.
And there is my next baby in the frame too.
And my oldest baby, who set these dolls in a row.
What a blessing.
To live out my dreams.

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