Thursday, December 10, 2009

it's going to be a long one

I'm gearing up for a long night.  I'm praying that my prediction isn't correct, but I'm gearing up none the less.

It's been a rough day, and that is possibly an understatement.

Gracie's fever hit 103 and a dose of Motrin only dropped it one degree.  A little before 1pm things really got bad.  Lily was waking in her crib and crying off and on.  Gracie began to shake and shiver, which thanks to Twitter, I quickly found out meant her fever was on the rise.  Her lips started turning purple and the shaking was getting stronger.  I called Bean and asked him to come home right away.  Knowing Lily was safe, although not happy, I left her in the crib while I put Gracie in a lukewarm bath.  She didn't like that at all, but it seemed to help because the shivering stopped.

However, after the bath she proceeded to vomit twice.  I had just changed after the first episode when she vomited all over me again.  Bean arrived home and went on Gracie watch while I fed Lily, then he picked up Miss Rose.

I was able to take Gracie in to the doctor this afternoon.  They said they are seeing a lot of this flu and it can last several days with fever, vomit and diarrhea overlapping.   I learned what they are looking for specifically in keeping kids hydrated.  I was interested to learn that they recommend continuing to give fluids (Gatorade or Pedialyte) even when it's being vomited up, trusting that some hydration is occuring.

Gracie isn't dehydrated enough yet to need intervention.  She needs to turn a corner tomorrow though.  If today's pattern continues, we'll probably end up at the ER by the end of the day.

Oh no friends, that's not it though.  Bean is now sick.  At first we thought dinner didn't agree with him.  But when the violent vomiting began it was clear that this bug has hit him.  Which is pretty much the worst thing possible as he has an important thing on Saturday.  So we are rallying the prayers that he gets it out of his system and is on the mend.  Or that it rains on Saturday and the event is postponed.  (**yeah, I know I'm being vague.  I'll share more as I can)

Gracie was unhappy in her bed so she's in our bed.  And now after many trips to the bathroom (and the trashcan in our room), Bean is there too.  Gracie has some dry heaving going on, so who knows what the night will hold for her.

I guess I'm sleeping on the couch.  Lily has cried off and on during the last few hours, so I may be up with her too.  Her eyes are still gunky and she's running a low fever.  So far, Ella is healthy.  We need my mom to stay healthy, who lives in an attached granny flat, as she has an upcoming hip replacement and illness could affect that.  I'm wondering if I'll be next in a few days since Gracie vomited on Bean Tuesday night, and me today.

I am praying and believing that Bean will be better on Saturday, the rest of us will stay healthy and we can enjoy the holiday.

All I want for Christmas is a healthy family.


  1. We've been there....praying for you guys! Just think, after all this you guys are going to have ROCKIN' immune systems! :D

  2. Oh my goodness. I feel your pain. I'm so sorry and am praying for you, girl. This reminds me of when Micah & Jaden were simultaneously throwing up in the same room at 4am, right when Martin was supposed to leave for a youth trip to Utah. I was getting it too, and he had to leave for a week. That was the worst. I will be lifting up your whole family in prayer, especially that Gracie does not have to go to the hospital today. This flu is going around everywhere right now.

  3. AMEN!! Talon even is sending his prayers!!

  4. My thoughts and prayers are with you and the family. I'm trying not to imagine how Gracie and Lily look right now, because I still have the image of them smiling in my head and anything else makes me so sad! Feel better soon everyone!

  5. HI, I was stopping by from Community of Moms. So sorry you're family is sick! I've been there so many times! Hope today is brining some sunshine and recovery to you home. (hugs) Stephanie


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