Tuesday, December 8, 2009

jolly ole saint nick

We don't really do the "Santa" thing in our home.

It wouldn't bother Bean if we did, but he's pretty cool with going with my flow when it comes to stuff like this.

I didn't grow up with the Santa tradition and so it would feel very odd to practice it with my daughters.  Or "perpetuate the lies" as I like to tell Bean sometimes when I'm feeling feisty.

A few years back it was pretty easy.  Presents just came from mom and dad and if Santa was brought up, he was just a character.

Now, as Miss Rose is getting older, she's smarter and is figuring out more of this gig.

In fact, she's decided this year she DOES believe in Santa, and I am not to tell her otherwise.

I hear this is somewhat typical with children this age who haven't been raised with the Santa tradition.

It's quite comical.  She knows Santa is not real, that he's a character some people believe in, and she quite simply wants to believe in him.  Sometimes when we are with other kids she'll say "mama, is Santa real?"  To which I usually respond, "we'll talk about it later."

Miss Rose has recently seen some of the "Santa Clause" movies and so a few times she's asked me questions about Santa, to which I respond, "well, in the movie..."  I think it's quite clever.

Santa won't be delivering any presents to our home.  But something tells me that Miss Rose will still be convinced that some of her gifts came from him.

I'll be enjoying the sitcom situations it creates.  And I promise, if your children believe in Santa, I'll do my best to make sure my daughter preserves their beliefs!


  1. This is an area where we have struggled. I did not grow up with Santa, but Brian did. I don't want to have that great moment of disappointment when they realize the truth. This year I've been working more on focusing on the story of Christ's birth and downplaying Santa. I do love to hear that even if I hadn't endorsed Santa, she might have "chosen" on her own :D

  2. That is so cute, it sounds like she got her feisty-ness from someone rather close to her :)


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