Saturday, December 19, 2009

o tannenbaum

We finally got our Christmas tree. We walked up to the lot and asked Miss Rose what tree she liked. The first one she chose, was perfect for our home and so we took it home! After paying of course.

And while Daddy and Miss Rose got things with the tree all squared away, Mama held "two babies" as Gracie would say. Gracie is getting closer to three, which is not a fun age in my opinion, and she needs mama quite a bit. Which is fun to balance with a baby who wants to be so close to me 24/7, I swear she'd climb back in my uterus if she could.
**note the socks, pulled all the way up to the capri leggings. Gracie has her own sense of style and she's quite opinionated about it. And of course there is a dress under that jacket. Would she be caught in anything else?

Decorating the tree was quite fun. This was the first year that Miss Rose remembered quite a few of our ornaments and Christmas decorations. It was fun to hear her exclaim with glee over various items. Gracie just thought it was fun to have Daddy take her picture with every ornament that she picked up.

Our first Christmas, with three girls, in our own home.

love. pure love.
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  1. That last picture will be a treasure for years to come :D


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