Thursday, December 31, 2009

what matters

The end of this year has just pretty much sucked. I try not to use that kind of language, especially around my kids. But it's sucked. Death, sickness, hospitalizations for family & friends. There have been some good times intermixed in the week (hanging out with good friends, and friends I haven't seen in a long time), but the death of our dear friend and brother Eddie, has just left a cloud of sadness over everything. Even last night, when we were at a Bowl game, and the atmosphere was fun, everything made me think of Eddie, and his family. Just sadness.

(you can read more here, here & here)
But these events have given Bean and I perspective, once again. Family and togetherness is what matters. It doesn't matter what else may be going on, or have happened, being together makes it all okay.
It didn't matter that in the course of a few hours the afternoon of New Years Eve, we had an extra toddler in our home while the neighbors made a quick trip the ER (torn ligament for the Mister). It didn't matter that my mom came home from the hospital after a hip replacement surgery. It didn't matter that Bean and Miss Rose left to get my mom's prescriptions, but the wait was long, so he left, got garlic bread at the store, dropped Miss Rose and the bread home, then returned to the pharmacy.
It was chaotic. Tiring. Not New Year's Eve-ish at all.
But we put it all aside, for our

Second Annual New Year's Eve Family Ice Cream Night.

We ate ice cream. Good, gooey ice cream. Even the baby. Who kept screaming for more. (I ate ice cream too, there were just no photos of it.)

I was dressed in fine satin, Sakura Bloom style! With my sweet, silly, girls. (Don't you love how you can see their individuality in this photo? I do.)

Bean and his girls. They love him, and he loves them. I see his love for them grow daily, and it melts my heart. (Can you tell the sugar is kicking in for Gracie?)

Then the sugar hit full force. Yes, Gracie is wearing one of her infamous sock-gloves. After she was buckled in, she told us she was doing her exercises, as she raised her arms up and down. Completely random; and hilarious. As you can see, Miss Rose was cracking up!

We were together.  And that's what matters.  I don't take it for granted.  My heart and prayers are with Eddie's family, who won't be together with him again this side of heaven.  And for other dear friends who have loved and lost this year.


Family. Together. What matters.


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about Eddie. I do remember him, from all of those summer and winter camps, and maybe even VU? It is so sad. The death of a friend does make us hold our families even closer to us. I pray that God will comfort you this New Year's as you hold Roger and your daughters even closer to your heart.

  2. I've been reading your posts and others about Eddie and am so sorry for the sadness you are feeling and for his family. Praying 2010 will bring lots more joy and peace!

  3. You are such a sweet family, and I'm so very sorry for the sadness you are going through. And I'm so sorry for a family left without a husband and a father. My prayers are with you all.

  4. You hit the nail right on the head. I think this is an important reminder for ALL of us as we head into a new decade. Life gets so busy with stuff, but we have to keep it all in perspective and put our family first. Because in the end it is all that matters.

  5. Love your recent posts- makes me sigh- glad you are in my life!


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