Friday, January 29, 2010

face time for gracie girl

With birthdays two days apart, my biggest and littlest girls have taken up a lot of space on my blog this week.
The week would not be complete without a little face time for Gracie here. She is one of the craziest little beans in our Three Bean Circus.
As most two-year-old's are, Gracie is a pretty crazy sleeper. She moves around a lot during the course of the night. She sleeps in a twin bed with a guard rail. We had to stuff some large pillows between the wall and the bed because she was getting stuck there, sometimes on purpose, sometimes while she slept.
She's also taken to sleeping under her pillow lately.
When Bean went to check the girls before we went to bed the other night, this is what he found.
That would be the head of the bed her feet are on.

This, was the view under the pillow.

Now tell me, how exactly is that comfortable?  Somehow to her, it was.  She was fast asleep and barely woke when we righted her.

Love that girl!  Can't wait to celebrate her birthday in April.  I know it's going to be here before we know it.
Now excuse my while I go take care of the major load I hear Lily working on right now in her highchair.

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