Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Hired: my most important job

Miss Rose turned 6 today! 

She had a wonderful day!  Lots of love, treats, family and phone calls.  She was quite popular and talked on my iPhone more than I did today.  It was definately her day.  We were outside, getting ready to head to dinner, waiting for the neighbor girl who was coming with us.  Neighbor girl was having a hard time because decided she would rather go to the school talent show...which caused Miss Rose to cry because she wanted to go too.  So after make sure she understood the trade-off, it was decided Bean would take the two girls to the talent show.  Miss Rose was thrilled, Bean and I were bummed.  We were looking forward to a family dinner out.  But it was her day, to choose what she wanted--and hey, we saved some bucks not paying for dinner out!

The overriding thought in my mind today has been that it was 6 years ago that Miss Rose made me a mom.  A job I had long desired and waited for.  Finally, I was hired!!  I felt awful most of the day she was born thanks to reactions to medications and a c-section.  But it paled in comparison to the knowledge that I was finally A MOM.  I was overjoyed to nurse her for the first time, to change her diaper, to lay with a sleeping baby on my chest--a baby that was MINE.  Miss Rose wasn't too interested in sleeping in the isolette at night and was much happier in the crook of my arm.  And quite honestly, I was happier with her there too.

I love this job more than anything.  On the craziest, most overwhelming days, I still wouldn't change it for the world.  I may work outside the house, but I strive hard to still be a full-time mom.  You can work outside the home and still be a full-time mom.  Yes, it takes sacrifices on many fronts, but so worth it.  There are days I want to escape.  To get out on my own.  But not too long into my solo forays, I'm anxious to get home to my family. 

So, thank you Miss Rose, for making me a mom 6 years ago.

I love you more than anything and I cherish every moment of being your mom.  Even when you challenge me, when you annoy me, when you won't listen, I'm so blessed to be your mom and that God chose me to raise you to love and serve him.  You are an amazing big sister, so tender-hearted and loving. 

Your name means "My God has answered" and God truly did answer my prayers and give me the desires of my heart when he gave me you.

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