Thursday, January 21, 2010


It's been raining and storming for a few days now in America's Finest City here in Southern California.  While we do get rain several times a year, we don't usually get these big storms.  I hear that it's an El Nino year, which explains it.

I love it!  I was born in Seattle and lived in Washington state until I was almost 9, so I love weather.  Don't get me wrong, I love the sun and the beach and all the other perks.  But I love when some weather comes to town.  Especially when I get to be home in it--not at work.  Which when you live in a city that isn't used to weather, that's a good idea.  Drivers get crazy.  Trees fall because they aren't accustomed to the wind.  Lots of areas flood.

Miss Rose came down with a fever and a sore throat last night.  So she's home from school today.  Which is a great excuse to stay in our jammies, watch movies and watch it storm outside.  I am missing playgroup this morning, but I have my own little playgroup right here.  I'm hoping the fever is shortlived and it's not something that will be passed around the house.  Been there, done that, got the bumper sticker and the souvenir too many times already.

I'd love to be baking and sewing today.  But I'm out of white flour.  And I don't have a sewing machine.  My mom has an uber-old machine that was her grandma's.  I might break it out and see if it's working.  That's actually the machine I learned to sew on.  I have no idea what I will sew or what kind of fabric I have.  But it still sounds like fun.

In other nonrelated news...I'm getting close to caving and getting a gym membership. On the one hand, it's not something I really want to pay for.  On the other hand, it seems like it may be a few years before I'll be able to get out regularly and exercise.  It happens about once a week right now, maybe twice.  And it's just life.  Bean is more than happy to support my running habit, but life gets in the way.

I'm just not comfortable getting up early and running in the dark.  And I'm not exaggerating when I say that due to the size and layout of our house, doing DVD's aren't really an option any more.  The kids have an earlier wake time with the school schedule and the baby too--so when I'm jumping around in the living room (about 5 steps from the baby's room) everyone wakes up.

As I've said before, running, or any sort of cardio is my happy pill.  I crave those endorphins.

So maybe this will just be for a season.  I'm totally okay with waking early and running at the gym before Bean leaves for work.  And on days I work, I can work out on my lunch, or on my way home.   Costco has a deal right now for a few years membership that works out to be $12.50 a month.  Which isn't bad.  It's just so painful to pay it all up front!!

I'm going to enjoy our rainysickpajamamovieday and continue contemplating my exercise future.

And I will probably blog more today.  So stay tuned for more from the three bean circus!!


  1. I love the bumper sticker souvenir line! :D I say get the gym membership if you will use it.

  2. I have a sewing machine that I got when I was sixteen and learned how to quilt. It isn't being used and won't be until A: My kids are in school or B: Somehow more hours are added to the day and they sleep during those hours. You are welcome to borrow it, it still looks new after...ahem..6 yrs.
    Also if you want I can get 3 day guest passes to 24hr fitness that you can use whenever. I'm going tomorrow with the kids so let me know if you want me to get some.
    Have a wonderful and extra relaxing RSPM day! Tell Miss Rose I hope she is better soon.

  3. The rain is great. It's kind of weird how the news overreacts to it all though. "Stormwatch" comes on every couple of minutes to remind us that there's water on the ground. I"m assuming this doesn't happen in Seattle?

  4. Ahhh.....exercising. It's so hard to find time. Yesterday, my 4 year old asked me if I was allergic to running. Yep. Absolutely!

    Hope your little one gets well quickly and that you all stay healthy!


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