Friday, January 8, 2010

still a circus

While my posts of late have focused more on myself and dealing with grief, fear not dear blog readers, there still is a three bean circus act going on at our house.

Miss Rose, well she's as dramatic and emotional as ever.  She's reached the age, where if she does something that amuses us, and it hurts her or gets her in trouble, she becomes IRATE if and when we laugh.  Which results in us trying to stifle our laughter.  Which makes her more mad. Which usually gets her sent to her room.  After which we continue to try and stifle our laughter.  And then Miss Super-Ears yells from her room, "I CAN STILL HEAR YOU LAUGHING."

Gracie, oh boy, what a wreck she is.  The longer her hair grows, the more crazy it becomes.  The other night after her bath Gracie made a comment about how crazy her hair was.  I told her to come and let me brush her hair out to which she replied, "can you brush the crazies out of my hair?"  Gracie is often sighted shaking her booty, anywhere and everywhere.  And she usually announces it too. 

Lily, is about to be one.  Which just completely shocks me and excites me and saddens me.  It's such a bittersweet time.  I absolutely love the first year of a baby's life.  All the cuddles and smiles, the nursing and bonding.  Sure, I complain about losing the baby weight and the lack of sleep, but I still love every minute of it.  Lily finally cut her first tooth after Christmas.  She is demonstrating a desire to move--sometimes she'll get from a sitting position to her belly or evetually her back.  She tries to crawl, but only ends up scooting backwards, usually until she's under the couch with just her head popping out.  Lily loves her sisters and gets so excited after her nap when she sees them.

I love this circus so much.  Yes, it drives me crazy sometimes and I need to get away for some "me" time, but these three beauties are food to my soul.


  1. Ah, so sweet to get an update on your girls. Happy New Year!

  2. I can attest to the "shakin her booty anywhere and everywhere and announcing it when she does" thing with Gracie :D That was WAY too funny at SW! I am in love with her "crazy hair" though :D

  3. So good to hear all the sicknesses are over and everyone is back to their normal self. Hope your hearts are healing as well from all that has gone on these past few weeks... How is your mom?


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