Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Often, one of the highlights of our night is checking the kids before they go to sleep, and what we find.  We have many photos of their creativity.  One of my all-time favorites (which isn't on this computer, otherwise I would share it) was when Miss Rose was sick and we'd let her take a Kleenex box to bed and she fell asleep with her arm in the box.  Miss Rose was also infamous for getting out of bed and loading her bed with toys before falling asleep.

While Gracie doesn't get out of bed too often, she has a group of stuffed toys that have taken up residence in her bed.  Most of them stay there the entire day.  She usually has one or two favorite "toys of the hour" that she brings out to the living room.

When I found her like this the other night, I had to take a photo.  If I was nifty and had a photo program to use, I'd label this photo with arrows and captions.  I'd tell you about the doll she's adopted that was a birthday gift for Lily, the ones that were originally given to Miss Rose, the Mickey and Minnie Mouse which I almost didn't buy for Christmas, but she absolutely loves, the Nemo her Sunday School teacher gifted her with after a Noah's Ark series in which she brought in a lot of stuffed animals from home, the "Purple Baby" which is a Madame Alexander doll I bought her for her first birthday, and she has recently taken a great liking too, and the list goes on. 

The best part, she calls them all her "friends."

"I need to find my friends, mommy."

"Can you put my friends by me?"

"THERE'S my friends!"

It's pretty cute.

Usually at some point in the morning, Gracie will go into her room and put a few of her friends to sleep.  She'll lay them on the pillows (using Miss Rose's bed too of course) and cover them with blankets.  If I get too loud (in her opinion) she'll tell me to "shhh, my friends are sleeping."

Oh, to be a toddler again.  When life and friendship are so easy.

When I was uploading that photo, I saw these as well and just had to share.  

Gracie also likes to sleep in odd positions and sometimes underneath her pillow.  Which is why you see couch pillows between her bed and the wall.  On more than one occasion, she's crying in her sleep because her body is wedged between the mattress and the wall.  We've also had to start putting a pillow between the two rails of the side guard as she kept getting a leg caught in there too.

This is what we found a few months ago.  It was kind of hard to figure out what position her body was in.

Upon removing the pillow...

She was dead asleep.  There's a lot going on here!  Hot and sweaty from having the pillow on top of her.  One arm resting outside the bed on the Princess Dress Up chest.  Feet up on the head of the bed with a pillow nestled between.


Kids are so great!

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