Friday, February 19, 2010

the lashes, the eyes, the red

Here's a little preview, of what my smallest sweetheart looks like in her briar.claire hat.
Adorable if you ask me. Even though she's dressed in just a onsie.
I'm anxious to take more, but she's currently sporting a bright purple mouth
(which Gracie says looks "so pretty" like makeup) because I found a few more suspicious spots in her mouth--thrush reoccurance.
So Genetian Violet is our friend.

Look at these eyelashes. I don't recall my other babies having such long eyelashes. I'm quite envious of them.

And the eyes. Of course I love the red hat, because it's red for my sweet Valentine, but it really makes her blue eyes pop.
If I tried to adjust some colors in the photo, using one of my free photo programs, they would probably pop more.
When I was pregnant with Miss Rose, I was hoping she'd have blue eyes like me (Bean's mom has blue eyes) but hers are the most beautiful chocolate brown.
Gracie seemed to have blue eyes during her first year, but now they are a unique green/hazel color.
Very beautiful. I'm trying to learn which colors accent her eyes as well.
The blue eyes came with this last baby of mine. They certainly seem like they are staying blue. Although stranger things have happened.

Not to be left other two beauties.
This was a most precious sight last weekend. Miss Rose was playing computer games, and Gracie wedged herself in so she could watch. They sat like this for at least twenty minutes.
Warmed this mama's heart.

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