Monday, March 1, 2010

1:: Weighing In

Yes, I am posting on this first day of my self-imposed March Madness.  I'm in Pacific Standard Time, so it's just 9:30pm here.

I am fairly certain that this March is going to make me mad, that is crazy, because there is so much going on.  Miss Rose is in T-ball.  There are two practices this week and then games start next week.  I think the standard will be one practice per week and games on Mondays and Saturdays.  Add that with me having rehearsals for our church Easter production on Mondays and Wednesdays, and then a few Saturdays at the end of the month.  Oh, and I have three kids, a husband and a job. 

What was I thinking?  Apparently, I wasn't.  Well, we'll get through it.  All of the obligations are good ones, it just means we have to have all of our ducks in a row each day.  Perhaps it's a good thing that we've downgraded our cable to save a little money.  We no longer can record shows and only have a few high-def channels.  It's been a week now, and honestly, I don't miss it much.  I'm behind on "my shows" and haven't seen the latest reality shows, but in the end, they really have no bearing on my life.  They are just entertainment. 

Oh, and my last "99 Things" post, apparently some of the changes I made didn't save.  I think I've corrected it now.  No, I do not have a child named Sam nor have I been to Paris.  I HAVE babysat for Jerry Lewis though, and I'll share about that later this week.

I've debated whether or not I wanted to track my weight this month, with giving up sugary treats and generally trying to eat healthier.  While weight is a good gauge and checkpoint, it can also be a roadblock.  Sometimes the scale doesn't move when you expect it too.  It's too easy for a "bad" number on the scale to set the tone for your day. 

I happen to be a little too in tune with my body.  I know when I gain and lose weight pretty easily.  I can tell by how I feel, the size of the rolls on my stomach, the tone of my legs, the fit of my clothes.  I kind of wish I wasn't so aware of those things.  Is it a female thing?  Are all women so aware of their bodies?

So I will not be weighing in.  This isn't about a number on the scale.  It's about my health and sugar not controlling me.  I may weigh myself in a few weeks, I may not.  We'll see.

How was my first day?  Not so bad.

I drank tea this morning instead of my coffee and creamer.  There may be some mornings I choose to use artificial sweetener and drink coffee, but I don't want to make it a standard.  In fact, my tea is my secret weapon.  More on that tomorrow.

Wouldn't you know there was a box of donuts at work this morning!  I don't remember the last time someone brought donuts in.  But I was strong and resisted.  Thanks in part to Twitter.  It's amazing what instant accountabilty it is.  You tweet about avoiding the donuts, a few encouraging tweets come back, and it helps keep you from backtracking to the breakroom for a sugary treat.

I definitely felt the lack of sugar in the early afternoon.  I could have laid on my office floor and fell asleep.  I'm a sucker for an after lunch treat.  In fact, I got a sandwich today for lunch, and a cookie came in the box--and I threw it away without a second glance.

It helped that tonight was a busy and I had to leave for rehearsal shortly after practice.  No huge temptations while cuddling on the couch with the hubs.  Another secret weapon--which I shall share tonight--is Medjool dates.  I happen to really like them--and naturally they are very sweet.  I have a large tub of them in the fridge and they do hit the spot when you need something sweet.  I had a few tonight after dinner.

With work and rehearsal, no exercise happened today.  I may try to Shred tomorrow after the kids are in bed. 

So, that's the first of my March Madness.

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