Thursday, March 11, 2010

11:: snapshot

This, was my reality today.  A snapshot taken with the Photobooth on my Mac.

Lily has been very fussy today.  All week in fact.  She had a fever from Sunday to Tuesday.  And has had a case of the fussy's all week.  She had her shots last week and I learned that the reaction can come up to a week later.  So the fever could have been that.  She's also cutting one of her top teeth, and those always seem to be difficult to cut.  (Do you see her bottom teeth in the photo?!)

By fussy, I really mean, screaming bloody murder anytime I put her down.  And waking several times during the night crying.  And waking before 6am in the morning.  Gripping me when I'm holding her.  Screaming every time she was in the car today.  It hasn't been this bad since she was a newborn and very colicky.

I assume its her teeth.  That stinking tooth is still not poking through, but it's right there.  It can't feel good. 

Lily did take a 3-hour nap this morning, from which I had to wake her up.  But her afternoon nap was just over an hour.

It's been a long, tiring day. 

But I still love it.  I may be frusterated by not being able to do much around the house, but I'll never turn down an opportunity to hold my baby more.  She's not going to be a baby forever.

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