Sunday, March 14, 2010

14:: blog food for thought

I've read a couple good blog entries this week.  Themes that I identify with.  The circumstances prompting these blogs don't mirror my own life, but the message can apply to anyone.  If you let it.

Because, when it comes to life, you and you alone can live YOUR life.

Because you may not always feel strong and when the responsibilities of life stare you in the face, you don't know how you will, but you just do it,  because it's what you do.

There will be challenges in life.  Challenges you choose.  Challenges that develop.  Challenges you don't expect.  But life is what you make it.  And you can choose to make it fun, and enjoyable and you can choose to bloom where you're planted.

Life rarely goes how you plan.  Because His plans are higher than ours.  But, you can embrace the life you didn't expect.

It's too easy for me to focus on other people's yards, without gazing upon the beauty and uniqueness of my own.

It's tempting to contrast and compare this and that in my life, with this and that in their life.  To grab that score sheet and tally up the difficulties or the unfairness.

To forget that Jesus loves me and he loves my family and he is in control.

It's when I get selfish and focus on myself that things get all messed up.  That's when I experience anxiety and begin to break down mentally.  That's when I have headaches for five days.

Because it all seems and feels so impossible.  Because I worry that my children are missing out on me.  Because I feel like a failure that my home is rarely picked up and laundry sits on the couch for days at a time. 

But that's because my eyes are on me.  They aren't on Him.  When my eyes are on my Lord, the lover of my soul, everything seems ordered and ordained.  I see His thumbprint in my life.  And I know that this life, is the life he wants for me.  None other.

He is the one who gives me the strength to do what must be done, to make the most of my life and to embrace whatever comes my way.

It's my life.  And only I can live it.

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