Monday, March 15, 2010

15:: *60*

Today, my mom is 60.  My mom looks GREAT for being 60.

This is from Mother's Day, 2009.  I went through my photos and I guess I haven't taken as many of my mom recently.  Now that she lives next to us, I guess I don't think about photos as often.  Gotta rectify that!

My sisters and I really hope that we have our mom's genes and look 10-15 years younger as well, after we hit 40.

She has been dubbed "Nannie" by Miss Rose, a name picked up on by the younger grandkids of course.  We decided my mom wasn't a "Grandma" and I liked the names "Nana & Papa" for my parents.  When Miss Rose was learning to talk, we shared a house with them.  When Miss Rose began calling us "Mommy & Daddy" I guess she thought the same rules applied for grandparents and they became "Nannie & Poppy."  We think it's quite cute and endearing.  I wonder if the kids will go back to "Nana & Papa" when they get older, but maybe the names will stick.

My mom hasn't had the easiest time of it the last decade or so.  Along with her own health struggles with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, her wedding vows were really put to the test when my dad had a debilitating stroke in 2000.  It changed their lives drastically.  But my mom has stayed so true to her wedding vows, in sickness and in health, for better or for worse.

Still, she looks so good for 60.

Much of who I want to be as a mom, and how I want my children to turn out, is due to the example of my mom and my parents.  Also, some of the things I hope to avoid as a parent and individual are due to my mom too.  She's been quite transparent with her weaknesses and regrets.  Just today she commented to me on how my "generation" in our family has learned so much from the past and are making choices to set us up for success in life and in raising our children.  Like many, we come from various issues of dysfunction.

Happy Birthday Mom!!

Mom with her grandkids 1 year ago on her 59th birthday.  Baby Hawk was still in utero.  Miss Rose is clearly so thrilled to be in this photo.  I believe I recall some threats of punishment if she didn't cooperate and her trying to exit through a emergency exit.  And in the midst of this, my mom shines on!  Can you tell she raised four children?

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