Friday, March 19, 2010

19:: bits & pieces

I have inspirations for what I think are fun and interesting blogs, but that takes time and energy, which I don't often least to put into blogging.

So today, I'm settling for bits and pieces.

I read a great blog this week about challenging your body more in exercise and seeing more results.  I very easing fall into a groove with whatever workout I'm doing and just focus on getting through it, instead of really pushing myself.  This blog post caused me to push myself more yesterday on a run, and I am really feeling it today.

Speaking of blogs, I read this today and can say this mom did a great job of expressing the overwhelming feelings that often drowns working moms.  Thankfully, I do have a strong faith, that keeps me going and gives me strength and peace.

The scale dropped by two pounds between yesterday and today.  That was nice to see!  I wonder if those pounds will stay away.  I'm very much in that yo-yo state, waiting for my body to re-set it's happy weight to a lower number.  Does your body do that?  Every 5-7lbs I find that I yo-yo for a while before my body re-sets and stays at the lower number.  I'm used to it...but it's annoying.

I think the biggest thing I want to see change about my body right now is toning.  I'm feeling very soft in my midsection.  And I've never been happy with my upper arms.  Perhaps I'll use some birthday money (no, my birthday is not for a few months still, but I'm already planning!) for some training sessions.  I've never worked with a trainer before, but I would enjoy it.

I'm starting to get excited about the summer.  The trips to the beach, the zoo and Sea World.  Not having to be up and out of the house early on my days off for school.  Although Lily won't be walking until the end of the summer most likely, this summer will be much easier than last summer---we did all this last year, but it was a lot of work!

My sisters are coming this weekend and I am looking forward to seeing them.  They have't been able to visit much since the holidays.  We are going out to a nice (adult-only) dinner for my mom's birthday.  I hope my girls have relationships with each other, like my sisters and I do.  (my brother's not half bad either!)

Hope you have a great weekend!

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