Saturday, March 20, 2010

20:: I Could

I could choose to blog about the craziness of today and tomorrow.

I could choose to blog about how I am questioning my sanity in that I alway tend to bite off more than I can chew.

I could choose to blog about my brief meltdown, most of which took place in my head. Which is a dangerous place to have a meltdown. My stinking personality which bottles and surpresses my emotions.

I could, because it's in my nature. Because I'm human.

But instead, I will CHOOSE to focus on the tremendous blessings of my life. Instead of letting life overwhelm me, will choose to enjoy time with my siblings and mom tonight. (you can pray for my dad. He's been feeling very tired the last few days and spent most of his time in bed and I don't think he'll be joining us for dinner).

I CHOOSE joy. I CHOOSE peace.

And I'm feeling so much better now. Because I chose wisely.

And why let life overwhelm me, when I get to live that life with these three beauties?

(silly girl!)

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