Sunday, March 21, 2010

21:: babywearing in the Bible

I decided to participate in our church Easter production this year. I used to do a lot of singing and worship leading, and I miss it. I thought it would be a fun opportunity to sing a bit again.

Before rehearsals even began, the director asked if I would want to have Lily in the production with me. We spread it over thee Sundays in about 20min chunks.

When have I ever said no to including my baby in any event--especially when her prescence is requested!!

I brought Lily to a few rehearsals so that she would be comfortable with the people, singing and interaction. She's been the perfect baby because she has all of mama's attention!

I decided to wear her, because it was easy--and authentic. No doubt moms in the Bible day wore their babies as they went about their full, busy days.

The first "episode" was today and Lily was a hit. She was very animated and interacted with those on stage. At one point Jesus interacts with rhe children and I took her out of the sling so he could hold her. Even if it wasn't my baby, I would have been so touched to watch it.

My castmates can't get over how mellow and easy going she is. She hardly makes a peep and has only cried one time. What can I say, Lily loves being worn! She is safe and close to me. I can imagine in the crowds of people following Jesus, there were lots of babywearing mamas and I'm glad I could represent them today.

Next week is the triumphal entry and we have a long routine involving choreographed palm branch waving. I'm certain Lily will want to "help" hold the palm branch. I'll get some photos taken of us in our Bible times getup next week.

Here is a photo I snapped today with my phone. Isn't she cute?

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