Thursday, March 25, 2010

25:: 9 years ago yesterday

9 years ago yesterday, a boy invited me on a breakfast picnic. 

He insisted upon wearing bringing his backpack, for which I teased him.
He disappeared to the bathroom for ten minutes, wearing his backback, for which I teased him even more.

We ate muffins and donuts.  I drank coffee, he drank juice.

Then he opened his backpack and pulled out a photo album that chronicled the 7 months of our dating relationship.
I was so touched.  I asked "when did you take that photo with my parents?"  I honestly, was clueless.

And then, I turned the page, and saw this picture.
I looked to my love, mouth wide open.  Saying, "what is this?"  My heart saying, "oh yes, please let it be."

And since we were sitting, he got up, to get down on his knee, and asked me to marry him.  I wish I remembered every word he said.  All I remember is the pure joy, that this man, the man after my own heart, the man who had stolen my heart, who was the answer to all of my prayers, was pulling a ring from his pocket.  A beautiful ring.  A ring I would have chosen for myself, yet he chose it all on his own.
Our joy was so complete. 

And in the distance, the noise of a camera got louder and louder.  And I thought to myself, what tourist is taking so many photos and why are they so close to us?

I finally looked, and it was Bean's best friend.  The reason for the ten-minute visit to the bathroom.   A photo documentary of this most special day.

So young, and fresh-faced.  (Clearly I had not yet learned the importance of filling in my eyebrows.)

What a beautiful life sat ahead of us then.  A life together.  And what a beautiful life we lead, and that lays before us yet.

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