Friday, March 26, 2010

26:: as promised

Remember when I told you that Lily was finally crawling around 13 months?  And that she had a funky crawl?  Yeah, she still has it.  I somewhat suspect that this will be her only crawl and she'll go on to walking after this (still some months away I'm sure).  She already tries to pull up, and yesterday she did manage to get up on both feet while holding onto my legs as I sat on the ground.

I think I figured out how to share her little crawl with you.  It's unique.  She gets around fairly quickly when she wants to.  Everything else seems bilateral about her, so the doctor isn't concerned that there is a problem with her leg.  My take is that she just really disliked being on her belly, and so she found a way to avoid the whole army crawl to normal crawl path that most babies take.

Without further ado... (I apologize that you have to listen to me "babytalk". Honestly, who likes hearing themselves recorded?)

Have a wonderful weekend!!

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