Wednesday, March 3, 2010

3:: Secret Weapon

One of my favorite movies is The Princess Bride.  Who doesn't have that on their top list?  So many great lines in that movie.

One of mine is "re-wease the secwet weapon."  Remember that one?  Really it's "release the secret weapon."  But it's so much more fun to think it in the original voice and pronunciation.

I have a secret diet weapon.  A secret weapon that helps so much when avoiding sugar and calories.

The best part?

It's natural.

It's sweet.

It's spicy.

It's calorie-free.


Here it is.

Market Spice Tea.

Honestly, it's amazing.

It's a product from my childhood.
We lived in Washington state until age 9.  From the time I can remember, my mom always drank this sweet and spicy tea that we got to have occasionally.

When we moved to California, several times friends came to visit from Washington and brought some or mailed it to us.  One of my best friends in college was from Washington and she became my supplier! 
Even now, when her mom visits I often have her bring me a few boxes.
Then I discovered you can order it online.

When you have a cup of this tea, you will not believe that it's unsweetened.  It absolutely tastes like it contains sugar.  It tastes like the best sweet tea you've ever had--with a bit of spice.  I have made it into iced tea before, but usually I drink it hot.

I buy it in a bag of 50 teabags.  And I buy 100 teabags at a time.  With shipping it's about 60cents per cup.  A lot less than your favorite Starbucks drink, even if it's more than a cup of tea from your local grocery store.

Acouple things you need to know about this tea.

1.  Make sure you purchase the cinnamon-orange flavor.  The company actually sells many different varieties of tea.

2.  Store it in the original bag, in an airtight glass jar.  The tea contains a lot of natural oils that are required for flavor and will leech into any sort of plastic.

3.  You can buy a decaf variety.  I've found that sometimes the decaf doesn't have the same strength of flavor.  But if you use a bit less water, this can be remedied.  Once, I sent a box of decaf back without problem, because the flavor was so weak and they replaced it.

4.  You have to decide how strong you like the tea and figure out the right amount of water.  I find early on in my bag of tea, I can use pretty large mugs of water and have strong flavor.  After it's been open for a while, sometimes I have to use smaller mugs. 

5.  Use piping hot water!  And for the best results, put your tea in a travel mug with a lid or cover your mug with a small ceramic plate and let it steep for 5-7min.  This gives the strongest flavor.

I'm bummed I finished off my mug of tea while writing this.  I want more!!

I'm drinking two mugs a day right now!  It hits the spot.  Plus, very soon, we'll be into warmer weather that will last many months and for me hot weather and hot tea don't mix. 

Go right now and order some!

I was not compensated or sponsored for this post.  But if anyone wants to me review their item, contact me and I'd be happy to!

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