Thursday, March 4, 2010

4: : finally!

Lily has a cute onsie that says "Expert Crawler."

Although it has fit her for a while, she's never worn it.  It was just too ironic.  Yes, most children crawl between 6 and 12 months, the size on this onsie.  But at almost 13 months, my child wasn't.  Until last week.  Finally, my baby is on the move. 

Well, there still is some irony to it.  I wouldn't quite classify her skill as expert.  But at least she's crawling.  If that's what you could call it.

My childen, they do things their own way, in their own time.  They often like bucking the system and laughing at charts and curves.

Yes, Lily is getting around the house more.  In her own way.  Her right leg folded in front of her, and her left leg folded behind her, she uses her arms to scoot along in a forward motion.  She's barely using the strength of her legs to propel her forward.  It's quite funny, and unique.  It reminds me of the videos you see (usually on TLC) of children with limb problems learning to crawl.

It was just in time for her one year doctor visit.  She turned 13 months on Sunday.  At least I could tell the doctor she is starting to crawl and can even go forward.  The pediatrician wasn't concerned at all with her late blooming status.  She's already getting into stuff.  She loves to open the doors on our TV cabinet and pull stuff out.  She opened a kitchen cabinet today and pulled a heavy glass loaf pan onto the tile.  It made a huge thud, but thankfully didn't break.

I've never had to truly "babyproof" a house before.  Perhaps it was the layout of the house, perhaps it was the laid back personalities of my babies.  When it comes to investigation though, Lily is anything but laid back.  I am wondering if I'm going to be doing some baby-proofing this third time around.

Time will tell.

But, friends, she's crawling!!!

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