Friday, March 5, 2010

5:: not gonna lie

Today has probably been the most difficult so far, this not eating sugary treats thing.  I could definitely use one or five right now.

The baby is teething, so she's ben clingy and fussy much of today.  She needs pain reliever, mama wants chocolate.

I powered through four errands today in about 90 minutes today, with the1yr old and 3yr old in tow.  It actually went pretty smoothly.  Especially after I found blessed Tylenol in the diaper bag for the teething baby.  No matter how well errands and children go, one is still tired.  And could use say a candy bar or even some dry fruit loops in celebration.

Getting dinner ready with cranky kids and a teething baby?  Sure helps to snack on some sweet treats while doing preparations.

But oh no, not for me, not this month.


I keep telling myself just one after dinner treat won't hurt.  And realistically, it wouldn't.  On a day that I've eaten well (like today) and gotten in a little exercise even, a reasonable dessert is acceptable.  But the problem is, my typical pattern would have been to already have eaten several sugary treats (see scenarios above) and would still have one while relaxing before bed.  That's the cycle I'm trying to break. 

Maybe I should have made it "one dessert a day" month.  But no, I had to go the hard route, and say no desserts.  I know that's the better way though, to really rid myself of this bad habit.  For the most part, I'm doing it. 

Bean is a terrible accountability partner and in my early morning delirium yesterday got me to agree to a Starbucks drink he wanted to go get me before work.  The heavy dose of caffeine was what I wanted most, but the amount of sugar probably defined it as a treat.  But come on, how do you turn down the handsome face who wants to go get you a coffee at 6:30am in the morning?  You can't hurt the guy's feelings by turning down such a sweet gesture.

I just drank my second cup of Market Spice Tea and had some popcorn.  Hopefully I can get through the rest of the night without being too miserable.  I can always microwave an apple with some cinnamon.  Or I'll just go to bed early.

Not gonna lie, the next 26 days feel like they are going to be really long.

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